01 novembre 2005


ok i have decided, after looking at thousands of blobs around the place i have decided to use the english language to write my own... i will probably fill it with mistakes but still, maybe it's the only way for people that might see my blob to know me, and the things i want to talk about.... i am pretty sorry not to write in italian, since i love my language and my culture, i am actually sorry also for all my friends that come every so often to see my posts and my pics.
fortunately all of them understand english so it's not to bad.... i will still write in italian eventually every so often.
that's it for the moment hope to uplaod some picture soon.
(ok i know i didn't have much to say, but i am working in this stupid place and it's 5 am, so i think you get my point) :þ


Blogger ali_beat said...

ed inglese sia .. io pero' ti rispondo in italiano la mia dose giornaliera di lingua anglofona credo proprio di consumarla diligentemente

see ya

Blogger miss alice said...

mi paic emolto l'idea della mappa personale, l'ho messa anch' io

Blogger miss alice said...

aiuto... dislessia da tastiera in atto (I meant "mi piace molto")

Blogger Vero said...

NOOOO!!! Senti Manù, qui d'inglese mi sa che ne abbiamo tutti piene le tasche. Ognuno di noi come dice Ali, consuma diligentemente la propria dose quotidiana.
Vai con la madre lingua, allora, e che Dante sia con te!


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